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call us ! for advice and service inquires
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Exterior cabinet cleaning should only be done with a car shampoo with normal p.H. or warm soap and a soft cloth and no sprays like (spray & wipe etc) as they may contain ammonia and tend to cause some rusting of the doors and cabinet. Outer cabinet and paintwork can also be polished & waxed to seal to surface yearly with car wax. Do not leave unit running for extended periods of time with doors open when cleaning, best to turn it off till finished.

Do Not Fit Door locks / Padlocks

Do not drill holes into the cabinet to install a padlock. The condenser coils welded inside the cabinet will likely be punctured. The refrigerant gas will then leak out and the unit will require major repairs.

On going Problems

Some people are embarrassed to mention problems from other company’s or service people, be honest with the service technician and inform them of previous services or of failed attempts. They will find out eventually, better you don't waste their time and your money diagnosing everything instead of getting right to the problem.

Reducing Wear and Tear

When storing items in the door, place the heaviest items closest to the hinge side. This will minimize the distance these items travel when the door is opened and closed, reducing stress on the door and inner door panel.

Defrosting with Care

To increase cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption on a manual-defrost fridge, defrost it often. However, DO NOT use a sharp object to break up the ice. The gas refrigerant travels through tubing moulded into the freezer box (evaporator), and is easily punctured. Major costly repairs will be required to fix it and if the fridge is not unplugged immediately, moisture will be drawn into the compressor. In this case it will certainly not be economical to repair.

Taking it Apart!

It is not usually possible to diagnose a problem if an appliance has already been disassembled. If you think you'll save the technician's time and your money by doing this, you are mistaken. In most cases, the appliance will have to be reassembled before a service technician can return in 24hrs to diagnose the problem.

Save money

Frequently clean the door gaskets and the mating refrigerator surface. Any sticky buildup will put added stress on the gasket material and lead to premature failure. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or use some silicone spray on seals when clean every 12 months. This prevents the seals tearing and costing you replacements